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30th Oct 2017, 9:26 PM


More awesome promos!

Okay, so... Let's get back to promoting some artists who applied to do the guest arts (but who I couldn't choose because I ran out of space). Look at these awesome people! I asked them to write short bios of themselves and here they are!



Carrot Soup, a post-Victorian demon apocalypse black magic BL adventure!



Hi! I'm Siiri Viljakka, a comic artist and your local queer fine arts student with a buzzcut hair and a denim jacket. Hmu, I'm at your service!



Beth Comics is a super queer/super witchy/super horny comic @ LINK


Hi I'm Alan! I'm a trans nb artist who draws horror and romance! I'm currently working on a free-to-read webcomic that will begin in the new year!



And here they were! I think we might be starting to get to the end of the promos. If more people who applied want to be promoted, it's still not too late! We'll see!

For now, I need to go back to my cave to work on my upcoming webtoon Life Outside the Circle that will launch in December!
Meanwhile, I suggest you follow me either in instagram stories @hplehkonen or in snapchat @hplehkonen! In both those places I post some sneak peeks of the panels I'm drawing!

Also... don't forget my Ko-fi! You can get access to 36 comic pages when you support me in Ko-fi!


27th Oct 2017, 6:10 PM


Panel borders and how I do them?

Okay so, I know programs like Clip Stodio Paint make this so much easier for people, but I don't use Clip Studio Paint, because I draw everything by hand and Photoshop is better for editing scanned artwork. Clip Studio is AWESOME if you ink everything on the computer, but I just don't do that. I do my artworks on paper and then add stuff on them, like lettering or panel borders on Photoshop.

So here's how I do it on Photoshop! I wanna show you, so maybe someone can benefit from this info!

First of all, you need a completely new layer for your panels:

Then you do a square with the tool you see in the picture, that square looking one. You can just drag and drop to get the kind of a square you want, you can even put two squares on top of each other so that they ovelap a bit to get a weir shaped square. This same thing works on other shapes as well, like circles and so on.

Then you just go to Edit -> Stroke

And you choose the width and color of your panel border! As easy as that!

And click OK and you have a panel with borders!

Then you can just put a new layer on top of this one and start drawing on that one. It'll look great! Or if you, like me, use scanned panels, just put it on top of it and make the artwork layer mode "Multiply" so it's see through! Cool beans!

Anyways, I hope this helps! Here's one preview panel I've done like this:

This panel is from my upcoming webcomic Life Outside the Circle. It's a story about the dark haired guy Sami who moves from Helsinki, the biggest city of Finland, to the countryside and he finds the love of his life... you can see the lover in the picture, it's that weird hillbilly guy... It's going to be hilarious and romantic and awesome!

Meanwhile, if you want to support me, I have a Ko-fi account here:

Everyone who buys me a Ko-fi will get to read 36 pages of comics that haven't been published online before! Think about that! They're so GOOD!

I'll hear from you again soon! Next up, I'm going to make some more promo posts of the people who applied!!! It's gonna be great!

- H-P Lehkonen


23rd Oct 2017, 9:53 PM


Promo time for Jaya!

I have sad news. One of the artists I really wanted for the guest thing couldn't do it after all, they have too much other work... But hey! That's actually great! They have so much work they have no time for this project! They must be super awesome!

I want to show you some of their work now! This artist is Jaya and you can find their twitter here: LINK

Jaya is a biracial filipinx living in tx. They love video games and comics! Their arty is very expressive and their use of colors is something that got me interested in their work. I first found them in the #drawingwhileblack hashtag in twitter and I have been a follower ever since! Hashtags for creators of different backgrounds are really great! I'm so happy I found Jaya's work!

I really hope I get to work together with Jaya some other time when they have less work on their own. I mean look at this piece! They would have drawn Trash Lord's sick abs so well! More art by Jaya in their tumblr as well: LINK

All the pictures on this blog post belong to Jaya, do not take them and repost them anywhere. If you want to share them, here's a direct link to a tweet by Jaya you can retweet: LINK


Buy Jaya a Ko-fi here: LINK to KO-FI

15th Oct 2017, 6:23 PM


Best on the Market and what else?

So you all know I'm doing this comic as we speak... but this is going... quite slowly, don't you think?

We'll here's an explanation. You may have noticed I have ended my webcomic Immortal Nerd. It's a finished product now, so if you want to binge read a finished series, here's a LINK FOR YOU!

But hey, I'm not going to stop working for webtoons. I am currently working on another series, and here's some sneak peeks!

Hmm, I wonder where is this comic situated in...?

No wait, that doesn't look like Helsinki anymore...

Why is this hipster so angry? What's going on even?

This comic is called Life Outside the Circle, and it's a story of a city dweller Sami, who moves to the countryside and falls in love with his neighbor who owns a tractor! I get to draw tractors... I'm not sure if I should be sad or happy. They're not the easiest thing to draw to be honest.

Here's a tractor I drew that's not completely edited yet...

I'm pretty proud of it.

So yeah, this is taking a lot of my time. Besides, it's not the only thing I'm working on! There's also Silly Ghost!

I'm working on Silly Ghost together with Arvi Tammi! Arvi does the art and I do the writing. Here's a sneak peek:

Oops, it's a pitch, you can't see the details! Sorry loves, I can't show it to you yet. Let's just hope for the best that we find someone to publish this piece of art for us!

Anyways, I'd like to inform you that if you want the BEST information about everything I do, JOIN MY MAILING LIST! It's a great place to see what's up. I only email about once every 3 weeks, so no fear for spam!

Link to join the list: LINK!

- H-P Lehkonen

11th Oct 2017, 4:12 PM


Cover WIP again!

Okay so, I've been working hard on the cover... And I just can't decide what to do with it! Too many options! I really want it to be super colorful though, so that it catches everyone's eyes in a con! Though I might have to get a badge on top of it that says "MATURE!" and put it on top of Trash Lord's butt.

Here's the first colored version I made. This one I made just to see how the picture would look like in color... And to test out if gif animations work on this site.

We have noe learned that yes, gifs work here. Thank you comic fury!

Well, then I did another version that's way brighter than the first one!

But this one is already too much pink. Also, I think Trash Lord looks like a plastic mannequin now, not a human person! But I really like the 100% yellow background! Very eyecatching! So, I deleted some of the pink... Wanna see the whole thing? Here's a picture!

As you can see, in this one I have both front and back cover! The book spine will go along Trash Lord's spine. I'm still working on the text on the back cover. I will letter it by hand, but for now it's only a font because I still might change it!

And then... Here's where I'm at now!

Trash Lord is still too yellow. There's now a place for ISBN code there (it looks horrible, but ISBN looks horrible anyways...) and there's less pink. I'm kind of hoping to get Trash Lord's back colored kind of "realistically" but I'm very bad with that kind of stuff. Good thing I can always ask my assistant Ida to do it for me. She's really good with doing all kinds of cool effects on photoshop!

Let's keep on working on this comic! Next time I'm blogging I'll tell you a bit more about all the OTHER comics I work on at the same time as I work on this one! I'm a busy man!

- H-P Lehkonen