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8th Oct 2017, 5:08 PM


More promos for artists!

So did you see the last post I made about people who applied to draw for me in the paper version of the comic? If you didn't go read it now: LINK HERE

And now it's time for some more promos! These are some super talented and awesome people and you really should go check out their stuff. I asked them to write short descriptions of themselves and to send me one illustration they've made so you can see what kind of stuff they do.


My name is Jamie A. Kingdom! I’m a queer trans artist and illustrator and I love cute video game fanart, gay romance and soft summer days.


I’m Joxu! I make art about cute (trans) boys and bunnies!

Find my work in: LINK


I’m Nasr, but most call me Void. I’m a bi arab/latino trans man who focuses on bringing representation and inclusivity to various forms of media. I currently have an on-going webcomic about monster teenagers in the 1980’s!

Alakotila makes queer sci-fi fantasy art and comics.
You can find their work at their website: LINK
and patreon: LINK


And that's all for the promos for now! I hope you go to check out these artists and follow them everywhere! I'm so happy to be able to share these awesome people with you guys. They are really talented and I can't wait to show you more promos! For now I don't have more promos scheduled, because many haven't replied to my question on if it's okay to promo them, but when I get more replies, you'll also see more promos!

All right! Now I'll get back to drawing thumbnails for my another project I'm working on right now, Life Outside the Circle! Even if that one has nothing to do with Best D*ck on the Market, I could do a small blog post about that one too. I mean, it's interesting to see everything I'm currently working on! Multitasking is my one true love.

- H-P Lehkonen

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6th Oct 2017, 8:12 PM


Comic sketches!!

Wanna see the sketches for the first two pages??

Well, they are spoilery! If you want to see the comic when it's finished, don't go further!!!




But only of the first two pages, in my opinion it's not that bad to read them beforehand...

Okay so as you see, I sketch with red! Later on I just delete it with photoshop! Wanna see how? Here's a small tutorial:

Let's use this greyscale image of my character Sebastian as an example.

Okay so now, just choose the red channel from "channels". If you can't find your channels, it's in the "window" drop menu.

See that?? The red is GONE! But actually it's not gone yet. You need to destroy it too, it's just hiding. So, just go to the "Image" drop menu, choose "mode" and then click "greyscale".

So now the picture is only black and white! Cool! But what if you wanna color it? Just go back to "image" and then "mode" and change it to "RGB" and you can colour the picture again. Easy! AND FAST if you do THIS:

Just record an action for the whole thing! I'm not gonna teach you how though, just google it or something.

Also remember, my Photoshop is CS5, so yours might be different.

Have fun fiddling with your Photoshop!

- H-P Lehkonen

5th Oct 2017, 3:48 PM


Promoting some artists!

As you might know, the print version of The Best D*ck on the Market will have some guest artists! I'm not revealing the artists yet, but I am promoting some of the people who applied, but who I couldn't choose. They were all so talented! I was supposed to hire 2 people but I ended up hiring 4... And even then I had to reject about 30 people. This is hard!

Anyways, look at these absolutely amazingly talented people! I asked them to write short bios of themselves too!


I'm Phineas. Comic artist from Germany, focusing on queer-friendly comics, illustrative works, and character designs.

Here is the link to my patreon: LINK



stc019 makes comics about trans love and cute spooky adventures.

You can check their work here : LINK



Hi, I'm Ludens and I'm a gay erotic illustrator from the UK! I'm currently writing 3 LGBT supernatural romance comics!   

Instagram: LINK



Marina Rubio, spanish illustrator who loves drawing strong, sexy, cute girls!

You can see more in my instagram: LINK



Michelle is a queer nb illustrator in Providence, RI.  

Their patreon can be found @: LINK


I have asked the permission from all the artists if it's okay to do this promo post of them. So if later on more artists want to join in, I will do another batch of promotional posts for them! I hope you'll all go follow these artists, because they all do awesome work with queer themes!!

I'll write more about the process of doing the comic tomorrow... So follow this blog to find out how exactly do I even make comics?? Spoilers ahead! Tomorrow I will show you the sketches of the first two pages of the comic!!

4th Oct 2017, 4:46 PM


Not smart enough for CSS.

Do you know the feeling when you see this and you just get so exhausted even before you've even done anything?

If not, then you are a genius! I am not though, and just seeing CSS code makes me tired. Well, I did my best with it anyways! And here's the stuff I did!
I started from this layout that was pre made:

and then I just edited it enough to make it look like this:

I changed the background image, some font sizes and colours and even made the navigation see through! I'm very proud of my accomplishments now! This look might still change, especially the background... I mean the comic itself hasn't been colored yet. My assistant Ida Mäkelä will be in charge of coloring the comic so I have no idea what the colors will look like yet! We might want to change the background to match the colors when the coloring starts. For now, my favorite texture can act as a placeholder just so that this website will look good enough that I can let people in to read the blog and follow the process of making the comic. This particular texture is something I made myself with watercolours. I have used it in some stickers, postcards and badges I've made. Look at this badge box for example! Same texture! I love this texture too much...

Anyways, I just sent emails to the people I chose/couldn't choose to the guest art project. Just wait, I'll blog about them a bit later too!

H-P Lehkonen

3rd Oct 2017, 8:07 PM


Making of the cover!

Here I am again, explaining about the process of making this comic... I want you all to see how this thing is done after all! So, here's some images that tell you more.

I started drawing the cover by separately inking the characters.

For Ivalo's pose I asked my boyfriend to hold his hands like that and I took a reference picture of that. Photo references aren't cheating guys, it's learning. USE IT!

Then I just combined these two images in photoshop and added the title.

And after that I just printed out the cover a couple of times and did some changes to it... Then I inked the title again with the use of a lightbox. (My lightbox is not a box, it's an ikea table with a lamp underneath.)

And after that I just added the hand drawn text under the font! Now I like how it looks!

This is how far I've gotten by now. I'll tell you more when I get a bit further with the cover!

- H-P Lehkonen