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2nd Oct 2017, 6:52 PM


The Beginning!

It's Monday, second day of October. About a week ago I was coming home from UK from the Thought Bubble comics festival, and on the flight back to Finland I decided to do page layout plans for a comic that had been in my head for the longest time. I love the characters Ivalo and Trash Lord from my webtoon Immortal Nerd, and I really wanted to make an erotica comic of them. On the plane ride I planned everything, the comic, how I want to publish it and how I might want to make a self published paper version of it too. Here's what my page layouts looked like right after the plane ride. I had the whole comic in my head so this was easy to do, I knew exactly what I wanted to see. Beware!! The next image could spoil the comic! So do NOT check it out super carefully if you haven't read the comic yet!! (I made it bad quality on purpose!!)

After I got home and did some more planning, I posted a tweet like this:

Well, people started dropping into my DMs. So I decided to make a better announcement for the comic! That one looked like this:

After this one was published I started getting so many comments and DMs! My inbox is so full! So now we're here. I have pretty much decided which artists I want to take in to do the extras for the printed version. All I need to do is contact them... And draw the comic myself! I also decided to go from 2 guest arts to 4, just because so many great people applied! I just checked if it's possible to publish erotica in comic fury, and as I noticed it is, this is the place where the comic will end up in. Next up: I need to ask my assistant (who's also the colorist of this comic) to do something about the layout of the site. Let's see how things will start looking like soon! I mean you can't see this post yet. This comic is still hidden as I write this, but after the site is ready, you'll be able to read my planning process!

Also just so you know, as I write this, this is how the comic looks like:

Not very pretty... When you'll be reading this, let's hope there's more content here!

- H-P Lehkonen